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Who are we?

You do not have to move to refuel.

Whether you are an individual or a business, forget using fuel stations!

Take advantage of your parked car. Do not waste time doing detours. POMP delivers your fuel.

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POMP Advantages

Simple and practical

Your vehicles get refueled without having to move: POMP delivers diesel, SP95, SP98 directly to where you are parked.


All of our equipment comply with with international regulations, are ATEX certified and our drivers are ADR certified.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are indexed to the market so you can be sure about not paying more than you have to. Track your spendings with our consumption tracking tool.

Corporate program

Pomp offers companies tailor made solutions and services.
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Save time and peace of mind

Customers save time and energy refueling and companies gain productivity. No more worries about an empty tank at the wrong time.

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